lundi, novembre 06, 2006

revue du meizu en anglais par un utilisateur de mac

So why would anyone, especially a Mac user, choose the Meizu M6 over an iPod nano? Well, realistically, few likely will. While the term “iPod Killer” is actually listed in the title for this player on its Amazon listing, odds are Apple is not overly scared. However, there IS much to like about the mini player, such as FM radio playback and recording, mic recording, video playback, photo slide shows with transitions, a larger screen, and a more customizable display, all for the same cost as a comparably sized nano. If the video experience was smoother, there would likely be many who would give it a long hard look.

Perhaps the main reason people may consider the M6 over a nano is that while it looks very similar, it is NOT an iPod. Like Apple fans vs. Microsoft, there is a movement afoot against the iPod’s near monopolistic hold on the portable music business. As evidenced by forums such as, many people are looking for the closest thing they can find to an iPod that doesn’t have Apple’s logo on, just for the sake of not going along with the masses. For those people, may I suggest the Meizu M6 mini Player.

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